Seeking Coharie Pageant Committee Members

Coharie Intra-Tribal Council, Inc is now seeking Coharie Tribal Members from all tribal communities in Harnett and Sampson County to serve on the Coharie Pageant Committee. The Coharie Pageant Committee will oversee the following:

  • The Pageant Committee will oversee and coordinate the pageant program.
  • The Pageant Committee will assist with fundraising.
  • The Pageant Committee will authorize and approve all expenditures for the pageant program.
  • The Pageant Committee will be responsible for making sure Royalty carries out their duties of signed contract.

The Pageant Committee shall be a committee consisting of two (2) members from Harnett County, two (2) members from Shiloh Community, two (2) members from Herring Community, and two (2) members from South Clinton Community.  The CITC Chairperson will act as the nineth (9th) member on the committee.

The pageant committee members cannot be an immediate family member of anyone that is holding a Coharie title due to conflict of interest. 

Please contact Isabell Freeman Elliott at or Tabatha Brewer at 910-564-6909 Ext.3 if you would like to serve on this committee.