NAHASDA HOUSING PROGRAMS



This grant is made possible because of the Native American Housing and Self-Determination Act (NAHASDA) of 1996.  This act provides block grant funds to Indian Tribes, through the US Department of Housing for low income to moderate income Indian families residing on Indian reservations and other Indian areas.  This act recognized the Federal Governments trust responsibility to Indian to provide them with safe, sanitary and decent housing and recognizes the sovereignty of Indian Tribes to implement their own housing programs consistent with local conditions.  The Tribe selected the Coharie Intra-Tribal Council, Inc. as the tribal designated entity (TDHE) to administer the housing block grant under NAHASDA to provide Down Payment, Rehabilitation and Emergency Assistance for low income enrolled Coharie Tribal members.

Supporting Documents Required for Each Program:


  • Tribal Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • Criminal Record (all members over age 16)
  • Verification of Income (one month prior to returning application and income tax return)
  • Copy of checking and savings bank statements (if applicable)
  • Proof of ownership (copy of deed, title)


Funding Limit:  Not to exceed $10,000.00 

The Down Payment Assistance Program (DPA) is designed to assist eligible families in becoming homeowners, not to assist borrows in acquiring properties for investment purposes.  The Goal of the Coharie Intra Tribal Council, Inc (CITCI) is to place families in a site built home or a modular home (valued at $15,000 or more).

Applicants must maintain the home as their primary residence for a period of 5 years before the grant is forgiven.  However, should the home be sold prior to the 5 years of ownership a repayment of the grant contributions must be made within a 30-day period after relinquishment or arrangement made.

*This service is available on a first come first serve basis if funds are available.

**Effective October 1, 2022, DP applicants must have an approval letter from financial institute before Housing Officer will accept and approve applicants’ application. 



Funding Limit:   $10,000.00 Not to exceed $15,000.00

The rehabilitation program is to provide rehabilitation to existing homes that would otherwise have unsafe conditions.  The rehabilitation program will provide a suitable living environment for existing homes owned by low-income Indian families.

The Housing Rehabilitation Program (HRP) provides services to repair, or replace existing housing conditions for qualified low to moderate income Indian families. The (HRP) afford an Indian family an opportunity to eliminate conditions who would otherwise have no other resource for assistance.  CITCI will monitor rehabilitation work being done to make sure it meets minimum construction standards and building codes.  In addition to a County inspection and CITCI monitoring the work.



Funding Limit:  Not to exceed $1,000.00

The emergency assistance program is designed to provide limited financial assistance to tribal members who are experience economic hardship due to certain emergency situations.  Situations would be short term and temporary in nature given below:  Accessibility alterations as a result of incapacitation, well, septic system or plumbing, heating & air conditioning issues, acts of nature not covered by homeowner’s insurance, electrical system hazards, and temporary housing due to fire.  The existence of the emergency assistance funds does not constitute an entitlement to funds.  The emergency fund is intended to assist in the event of an emergency or crisis when no other funding source is available.  The fund is intended to address onetime emergency needs and not intended for ongoing financial support.  Service district is throughout Sampson and Harnett counties. There is no active waiting list maintained for this program.

Application and Income Guidelines for all above programs:

Income Limits Guidance-2024-01_FY24_IHBG_Income_Limits (1)

Housing Application For All Program (NAHASDA)- Housing Apps

Criminal Background Check Approval FormCriminal Background Check form 2022

Coharie Intra-Tribal Council, Inc does not have any funding to assist Coharie Tribal Members with rental assistance.  If you are inquiring about rental assistance or section 8 housing, please click on the link below or contact the North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs Office: 984-236-0160.

NC Commission of Indian Affairs Section 8 Housing Information Link:https://www.doa.nc.gov/divisions/american-indian-affairs/section-8-housing-choice-voucher-program




For more information feel free to contact:

Kenneth (Joe) Jones/CITCI Housing Director

(910) 564-6909 Extension 3

Email: Housing@coharietribe.org