Coharie Culture Classes


Coharie Culture Class is held weekly at the Coharie Tribal Center. Coharie People Inc received two grants from the Sampson County Arts Council. Ms. Catherine Ammons and Ms. Wendy Bryant are the Planning Coordinators for the grants. Mr. Brad Brewington will be assisting both ladies with these cultural educational classes.

Ms. Wendy Bryant has a schedule of her upcoming classes available on the Sampson County Indian Ed Facebook page and on the Sampson County Indian Ed website page. Please see link below for Ms. Bryant’s website page:

Ms. Catherine Brewington and Mr. Brad Brewington host Cultural Class every other Monday at the Coharie Tribal Center at 6:30 pm.  If this class is canceled or rescheduled it will be posted on the Coharie Culture Class and Coharie Tribe Facebook page.

Everyone is encouraged to attend ALL classes offered to the tribal community!

Indian Education Cultural Class Schedule —Wendy Bryant: IE Culture Class Schedule