CITC Office Assistant

CITC would like to introduce and welcome Ms. Talia Faircloth as our new Office Assistant. She was hired on July 1, 2024 to assist with carrying out daily activities at the Coharie Tribal Center in Sampson County. Talia is employed with the CITC 40 hours a week. She is stationed at the Coharie Tribal Center Monday thru Friday from 8 :30 am until 5 pm. She will be assisting with tribal programs such as housing , and tribal enrollment. Talia will be the Coharie representative for Indian Child Welfare. She will work closely with Ms. Katherine Simmons Alonso and Mr. Greg Jacobs to carry out day to day activities. To contact Ms. Faircloth, please call 910-564-6909 Ext. 25 or by email at

Ms. Talia Faircloth

910-564-6909 Ext. 25