Chief Ammie Gordon “Silver Eagle” Jacobs


Chief Ammie Gordon “Silver Eagle” Jacobs is truly an elder pillar of the Coharie Indian Tribe. A lifelong resident of the Coharie Tribal Community and he is an outstanding Member of the Coharie Tribe. Chief Jacobs was seated as Coharie Chief in August of 2019. Chief Jacobs has served the Coharie People as a Coharie People Board Member for years prior to being seated as the Coharie Chief.  Chief Jacobs is very active in the Coharie tribal community.  You will often see him volunteering in our tribal community garden helping with planting, harvesting and disturbing produce to elders in our community. Assisting with the Cohaire river tours, visiting the Coharie senior sites in Harnett and Sampson. You will see him at our monthly community meetings and any event that we host in Coharie land.