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Coharie Housing Coordinator

Job Description
Title: Coharie Housing Coordinator
Supervisor: Tribal Administrator
Location: Coharie Tribal Center
Travel Requirements: Moderate inside and outside the service area
Salary Range: $35,000.00 to $40,000.00

General Description of Duties:
A person in this position is responsible for the overall effort of the Coharie Tribe to bring about decent, affordable housing and economic development in the targeted areas. The coordinator will be responsible for the implementation of planned housing rehabilitation, down payment, new construction, acquisition, emergency assistance, and environmental reviews as approved by the Tribal Administrator in the Coharie Tribe Housing plan (NAHASDA) and private sectors.
Specific Description of Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Receive, review, and process applications for eligible applicants for all housing services.
2. Certify eligibility for services from the Housing Counselor;
3. Coordinate existing internal and external resources for meeting emergency services;
4. Develop and maintain positive report and liaison with internal agencies and organizations for leveraging resources and maximizing resources to meet emergency needs for housing and housing assistance;
5. Develop a district community network for identification of community assistance organizations and contacts;
6. Respond to eligible referrals from external and community-based agencies and organizations;
7. Expedite requests for emergency services in a timely manner;
8. Assist eligible emergency applicants and families in minimizing displacement and traumatic situations through emergency assistance
9. As needed, assist Tribal Council members in knowledge by sending out newsletters or provide information to the press to inform them of the types of assistance and services available through tribal programs;
10. Assist in the writing/and or submit proposals to funding agencies for housing and economic development projects;
11. Submit reports as needed to funding sources (HUD and private funding agencies);
12. Prepare proposal packages for rehabilitations services;
13. Conduct necessary meetings with contractors, tribal staff, Tribal Council and HUD personnel, and private sectors as appropriate;
14. Conduct on site inspections to ensure contractor completeness of all contracts; ensure contractor compliance with Davis-Bacon labor regulations by a certified inspector or inspections office;
15. Maintain construction records, accurate and detailed filing systems and reports for HUD and other private sectors.
16. Participate in training opportunities to increase knowledge and expertise in HUD housing programs and services;
17. Participate in orientation, training, and other personal and professional development as assigned;
18. Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned
Graduate from an accredited college or university with a concentration in architecture, engineering, construction management, business administration or related field and experience in housing and or construction trades. An equivalent combination of education required knowledge and skills and demonstrated successful construction and housing experience will be considered.

3 Employer References
2 Enrolled Tribal member References

Application Close Date: Friday, February 16, 2024 @ 5pm

Housing Coordinator Job Description 2024

Coharie Employment Application: HwyEmployment-Coharie-Tribe-2023-1.pdf