The CSBG CARES Plan for fiscal years 2020 and 2021 is now available for Public Review posted at the tribal center. The plan is as follows:
The plan will assist low income tribal members.

Application Process:

Low income tribal members will be required to complete an application. All applicants must be a current enrolled tribal member and list ALL household members and income on application. Required documents is as follows: at least one person in the household must be 18 years old or older and must be an enrolled tribal member. Members applying for services will provide us with birth certificates for everyone in home, social security cards for everyone in home, bank statements for everyone in the home, and income for everyone in home within the last month, or 2019 income tax return.

Services Provided:
PE will be available to ALL tribal members free of charge.
We will provide transportation to low income enrolled tribal members to doctor appointments, groceries, and pharmacy to pick up medication due to COVID19 restrictions.

Food Pantry
A food pantry will be available for all low-income tribal members. We will purchase can goods and stock the pantry for low income families. We will also tie in our community garden with this pantry and provide tribal members access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Meat bundles will be provided for low income tribal members for 50 to 100 families. Size of bundle will depend on size of family.

Emergency Services:
If housing assistance, light bill or medical bill assistance is needed, Coharie Intra Tribal will refer tribal members to available resources in the community.

We will provide employment to a tribal staff (Tabatha Brewer) that will be paid part-time out of this grant.

We will continue to provide our tribal members with educational information regarding COVID 19 and other health information.